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Cut the Greed, not the Greens!

Could you imagine having to carry oxygen cylinders on your back all the time while going out? Umm, surely it won’t go well with all the millennials #OOTD.

But will we need to carry oxygen cylinders any time soon? Only if we continue to cut the trees unnecessarily and don’t plant them back.

So why trees are so important?

Just like we need organs to keep us working and healthy, trees are what helps to keep this planet functioning and healthy. 

Trees balance the climate and environment, they provide and preserve. 


  • Clean air
  • Filter our water
  • Soak up carbon-dioxide
  • Lower the climate temperature
  • Restore our ecosystem
  • Provide medicines
  • Provide habitat for animals
  • And the list can go on and on...

Trees have been on this earth since the beginning of time. Trees provide us with so many things which are necessary and important to humankind.

But let’s be honest, we’re kind of selfish and always want more. In fact, since humans have started exploiting nature and its gifts on an industrial level we’re facing some serious problems.

We’ve been cutting down forests, trees, plantations to make concrete jungles, roads, a new lifestyle, resources like paper and material things, AND for the major issue right now, to plant crops to feed livestock. 

Cutting down trees have resulted in the greenhouse effect which causes global warming. But the thing is that we don’t have any more efficient tools to filter out the greenhouse gasses and reverse the situation.

We know trees are important to us because they provide us with material things needed in our day-to-day life like papers, furniture, fuels, construction materials, sports equipment, and much more. We all are collectively a part of our nature and we all contribute to sustaining life on this planet.


In these years on the pandemic, we have had the opportunity to see how badly nature was affected and how it was going back to normal when humans and their machines stopped.

The pollution levels got down (the Himalayas were visible again 125 miles away for the 1st time in 30 years!), animals and birds could be seen out in open, the air had become much cleaner, water in the rivers became cleaner. It did hit us, didn’t it?

We have seen it with our bare eyes and now it would be strange if we’d turn back to the normality pre-Covid. 


A bad case scenario?

The trees, nature have provided us with countless things but what have we provided to them? Have we done our part to be better humans? What if in the coming future all the natural resources become scarce?

What if we’ll never see an old man sitting under an old Banyan tree enjoying its coolness and narrating stories of his young age to the young children playing around him, what if you never see any lush greenery when you peek yourself out of a car window while going on a long drive and a cool breeze doesn’t hit you, what if there are no trees on both sides of a road when you walk from a tiring day at the office to home, what if you wake up and don’t see a green fresh mountain from your window but instead see a barren land? 

Scary, isn’t it?


So, what can we do to save ourselves?

We can reverse a whole lot if we plant new trees and limit out “tree-input”. We can’t directly stop cutting them unnecessarily, but we can buy products obtained from maintained forests (FSC or similar). 

There are so many trees each having a unique property and use. Some bear fruits, some vegetables, some provide medicines, some provide shade and so much more. 

You might think what one person can make a difference in saving and preserving our nature. But just as the sea is made of several droplets and the sand is made up of several granules of soil, each one can make a difference to make it huge. All we have to do is plant more trees, educate each other about their importance, help society to plant more trees every place possible, stand against everyone who cuts down trees for no reason. 

We can educate and spread the word. Each one of us can plant smalls plantations at our own homes, in our societies, offices.

If each one of us plants at least one tree in our lifetime and grows it, our planet will forever be grateful. Fortunately, there are always more organizations, NGO’S which help plant numerous trees. There are even places where you can register yourself and every year on your birthday you can plant a tree and they will help you. 

We, New Ordinary People, plant a tree with every product bought but generally speaking if we all could take part in tree planting activities, our next generation could recall us as the ones who saved the planet.


Nature and humans are created for each other and not to use each other. Now that we have seen clearly that we have a direct responsibility as humans to protect and limit the use of our nature. Let us keep rooting for our trees!

Plant a Tree, Plant a life.

Thanks for being awesome! We'll leave you with the Nicolas 😉



Photo by Dave Herring on Unsplash

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