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6 Must-Watch Documentaries on Sustainability and Environment

We can be conscious consumers only if we know more about what we buy and what's hidden under the hood. So, here we picked a list of 6 documentaries on Netflix that say it all. Some have pretty raw and scary images in them, some are mind-blowing.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

1. Cowspiracy: the impact of our diet on the global warming.

2. Seaspiracy: the impact of industrial fishing, which is also directly connected to global warming.

3. David Attenborough – A life on our planet: this documentary takes us on a journey in time with no one less than David Attenborough himself! And explains how everything happened.

4. Rotten: documentary series about the backstage of the food and beverage industries.

5. Broken: four documentary series about other industries... talks about the true price of everything.

6. Minimalism: actually the trailer already says it all. The docufilm talks about how the authors got to their minimalism and how they get the word around.


The point is: we can stop many of our planet's problems by simply buying better.


We are NOP. Are you with us?

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