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NOP = New Ordinary People

NOP believes in a better future.

NOP is environmentally conscious.

NOP thinks that a sustainable mindset should be normal.

NOP products are 100% planet-friendly.

We use zero-waste packaging.

We promote plastic-free manufacturing & slow fashion.

We do not do seasonal sales: we don't have any leftovers and we don't feed the consumerism.


Nature is in our bones.

NOP = New Ordinary People believe that we can live together with nature, there's no actual need to destroy it. NOP stands for Environmentally Conscious lifestyle. 

Fast Fashion Industry is expensive.

Most of us have clothes that we hardly ever wear. The rapid production of clothing is one of the primary contributors to global pollution. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, which is more than the emissions from all international flights combined! Fast fashion also produces 20% of global wastewater, which is mostly caused by toxic textile dyes. This dye leaches into ecosystems, and micro-fibres from unsustainable plastic fabrics pollute our waterways even further.

A good wind of change comes when we invest in higher-quality and 100% sustainable clothing, wearing them more often and holding onto them for longer. Slow Fashion Can Save the Environment!

Earth is our home.

Climate change began in the early 19th century and we cannot ignore it!  Start doing something to help our planet and join the NOP community now.

Together we can make it!

We can start all to learn the plastic-free approach and conscious consumption – but then again – together is better! 

Disseminate NOP’s mission by wearing NOP.

Promote an Environmentally Conscious lifestyle and be real for a better future!

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