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The Streets Kids Garbage Whale T-shirt



NOP wants to switch the environmental and social impact by empowering the exploited and taking on what’s wrong in this world. You can read more about us here.



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The raw truth is that sooner or later everything finishes in the sea. And we've all seen how our plastic consumption impacts sea life. Garbage is a human invention. We can find microplastics in every living being for now.

Plastic itself is a good material, it lasts forever. But using it for single-use and packaging is just insane! 

Let's raise awareness of our responsibility towards plastic usage and its impact on all living things. We need to fight for our oceans.

This zero waste T-shirt is:

  • made of 100% Organic Cotton.
  • produced in a fair way.
  • produced without pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs.
  • coloured with ecological water based dyeing.
  • healthy for you and the environment.

The Collection:

The Streets collection tells stories, just like the street art. We must never forget that all the major social changes start from the streets. The streetwear becomes our freedom of expression.

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