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NOP wants to switch the environmental and social impact by empowering the exploited and taking on what’s wrong in this world. You can read more about us here.



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Did you know that 9% of the carbon emissions in Europe in 2019 came from industries that produce everything we consume? To cut this down, we need to buy things that have a lower carbon footprint, but also a better social impact.

There are approx. 7,4 million children working in Bangladesh textile factories, making products for the whole planet, in order to maintain the family. What possibilities do they have to get a proper education in order to change their situation?

You can choose what to wear on your skin, you can choose clothes produced by Fair Wear factories without child labour and who earn a decent living. You can choose NOP.

Switch the impact, wear sustainable!


This Hoodie is:

    • made of 100% organic cotton.
    • produced in a fair way.
    • produced without pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs.
    • coloured with ecological dyeing.
    • loads of fun and no pockets.

The Collection:

We won’t go far without a sustainable mindset, yet it’s impossible to demand the majority of the consumers to let go of their benefits. New Ordinary People gives another path to a sustainable revolution: change the business behind the production. Need to buy? Let’s make your action sustainable. The streetwear brand is born in 2021.

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