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Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Bank Link payment (SEB, Swedbank, LHV, Luminor, COOP, Citadele, Revolut)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Payment by credit card
You will be redirected for payment by credit card on the secure Montonio payments page where you can enter your card details in all security – even without an account to possess. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Payment by Bank Link
By using Bank Link you can pay for your purchases immediately. Bank Link will direct you to the pre-filled payment order in the Internet Bank. You will receive an instant response message, by which the bank confirms your payment.

Payment by Apple Pay
Apple Pay is Apple's mobile wallet. When you make a purchase, Apple Pay allows you to trigger a payment from just a tap on your phone. On a website, click the “Buy with Apple Pay” button on the checkout page and then confirm the payment with a tap on your phone or the button on your Apple Watch.

Payment by Google Pay
Google Pay is Google's mobile wallet. When you make a purchase, at checkout, click the Google Pay button.

Time of Payment
When you purchase with Credit Card your payment will be charged when your order is sent out.
If you have paid by Bank Link, by Google or Apple Pay, the payment will be taken as you complete the purchase.

Secure Purchasing
The security of the information our customers submit on is one of our highest priorities. At New Ordinary People, we use the best technologies in order to protect your data so that your payment details are processed in a secure environment.

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