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Why do we make clothes?

NOPs mission is to switch the environmental and social impact. That being said, the best way to make a change is to prove that it can be done. So we asked ourselves: "Can we make a fashion business that is good for the planet?"

And the answer is, we're on our way!

✊ No compromises on the ethics.
✊ Zero-waste = plastic-free.
✊ Biodegradable in a short time.
✊ No over-production = no seasons & sales.
✊ Made to last quality.

Why fashion?

1/6 of people in the world work in fashion.

7,4 million children are exploited by the industry only in Bangladesh.

16% world’s insecticides & herbicides are from cotton production.

93 million tons of textile waste created by fashion industry each year.

In 2030 our planet is supposed to have net zero emissions of CO₂.

Our Sustainable Development Goals:

No povertyDecent work and economic growthSustainable cities and communitiesResponsible consumption and productionClimate actionLife on land
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Deep dive the production process:

We found some awesome partnerships!

1. The organic cotton is grown by smallholder farmers in India & passed in GOTS certified ginning mill facilities to separate the fibre from seeds and rest. The water used for crops is minimal and clean.

2. The fibres are milled in yarns in GOTS certified factories in Bangladesh.

3. Yarns get knitted to a fabric, dyed, washed, cut & sewn in OEKO-TEX, GOTS & FAIR WEAR certified facilities. The whole process is controlled on-site every day by more than 20 quality, sustainability, social & safety controllers. The water used is treated and controlled in ETPs to ensure it's purity and safty when it’s discharged back to surface water.

4. The raw products are shipped to Europe in GOTS warehouses.

5. On your order, we finish it for you and send it to you in zero-waste packaging.

6. We plant a tree for every product you bought.

Foto by Kyle Cesmat

At what state are we?

1. We partnership ONLY with certified and fair manufacturing.

2. We cut down the overproduction from it's roots: NOP makes on order.

3. We refuse to nuture slavery. Bangladesh is one of the countries where the industry exploits the most, and it's there that we need to give the workers a safe and a healthy place to work in, a living wage and child care support. It's controlled and certified.

4. NO plastic & NO waste. We are personally zero waste and that extends to our business. We use biodegradable materials that can be used for long time before discarding. And for packaging, we use responsably managed forests certified paper/cardboard (FSC or PEFC), recycled and recyclable.

5. We plant a tree with each product bought. In 20 years each product takes 199,65 kg of CO2 away from the atmosphare. The forests are planted all over the world.

Read about the state of sustainability
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